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Tears in Traffic

Nobody before you have children ever tells you that one of the more stressful chores for a parent is getting our lovely kidlets to school on time, but this subject alone could be fodder for a whole different post.  🙂  Yesterday, as I was getting LL to her preschool,  the lack of common sense in other drivers (slushy, icy roads), the fact that the membership drive was still happening on The Current ( I just want to listen to music), and the constant why mama, why mama, why mama from the backseat made for a very tense drive.  Thankfully, I was able to hold in the vocal side of my agitation in front of LL.  Anyway, I finally got her settled into school, had a nice chat with her teachers and got back in my car.  As I pull away from the school I received a very clear palm to forehead moment from the universe… as Elena Brower would say, a “Mindful Smack”.

I had turned up the radio and noticed a great song playing, finally a break from the talking… as I continue to listen, I try to place where I had heard this song, who sings it.  Suddenly, I remember, and my eyes begin to well.  It was Clouds by Zack Sobiech.

Have you heard of him yet?  He is a 17 year old boy here in Minnesota that was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  He wrote this song and posted it to You Tube as his goodbye to his loved ones and to raise awareness of childhood cancers.  Also, I am sure he is enjoying his moments of rock stardom, who wouldn’t!

Uff Da, there it was, that smack to the forehead… the reminder that I am in a very happy and healthy chapter in my story.    Thank you Zack Sobiech for sharing your story and for your beautiful music.

If you haven’t heard it yet or if you just want to hear it again… hear are the links to the song and his story:

zach sobiech

1 thought on “Tears in Traffic”

  1. I am now getting the chance to look at all the things you have on your Blog… I particularly enjoyed this post!! You wrote it very well, and I could imagine LL in the backseat doing what she does. This was a wonderful thing to share, and I wanted to say thanks for my “Mindful Smack.”

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