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Future Foodies Friday- Woe “pho” ly Obsessed


We are obsessed with Pho.  My husband and I have been for years and now our children are…. it is a pretty delicious addiction though, and I am not ashamed!

Our kids really like having some control over their food so Pho is great because they can create their own flavor.  LBL also likes that his soup can develop through the meal.  Starting it as it is given, then maybe adding some lime and basil and finishing with the rich brown broth of too much hoisin.  LL right now is more of a purist and typically only adds a bit of basil.   I love that they are also learning to use chopsticks!  Something I didn’t master until I was an adult.  A favorite beverage to drink with their noodles is coconut water with shaved young coconut in the bottom.

We have found that there typically is not a “child’s portion” but Pho is usually served in such a large bowl that we just share a bit of ours and it is PLENTY.

For those of you that are local, our current favorite is Quang’s  on Eat Street.  They have plenty of high chairs for the littles and don’t need to be asked to bring the smaller bowls.  LL and I typically share the Pho Tai which is fresh sliced beef.   My son and husband switch it up more often.  A little hint… Pho makes a delicious breakfast and weekend mornings is when Quang’s is at their finest.  The steaming, rich broth is a beautiful wake up and you are surrounded by families starting their day together.

We used to make this at home as well, but lately with the kids it has just been easier to go someplace.  Here is a recipe that we have enjoyed in the past.

Thank you to Quang’s for being awesome and family friendly!

Bye Pho now!


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