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Yoga Playlist- 4/6/13

I woke up on Saturday feeling super energetic and having planned a slow flow hip opener class… I had some work to do.  I made a new playlist and we still worked on hip openers but it was much more energetic than originally planned and I had all female students that day so we were able to talk about Lady Power, holding so much emotion in our Sacral Chakra region and getting watery and fluid for spring!  It was a super fun class…. here is the playlist. (side note: I regret using the LOTR song for savasana, I was thinking of Galadriel when I chose it, but as it played, it seemed a little too… Epic.  Ah well, we can’t win em all!)


1 thought on “Yoga Playlist- 4/6/13”

  1. Such a great playlist! I heard the Iron and Wine song on the way to class and didn’t get to listen to all of it, so I was pretty excited to hear it again in class… and Veruca Salt – oh yeah.

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